Long Evenings

Reiss Akhtar 19 November 2018
Masaaki Komori

long evenings


it’s 9am –
i’ve got a coffee and my thoughts,
cough medicine and your voice
ringing through my body

relentlessly warm, and I’m
sitting on the horizon of your touch
wishing you’d wash over my body,
an antidote for the lump in my throat

it’s 12pm and i’m breathless
my blood is fuelled and i’m breathless
on this border between lust and loss –
you’re my solace and my safety

if your lips were sirens, I’m in danger
but your heart is a lighthouse
and i’m softly silenced
underneath this cut-cracked sky

it’s 3pm and my ribs are folding
my heart is worn and my mind is running
a broken record of your merciless lips
studying lust along my hips

like a reel of your promises on my neck
and my visions along your spine
these lines are yours to cross
and these thoughts mine to endorse

it’s 5pm and I think I want you
guide me through your mazed mind
into intimacy – those forgotten
evenings where I take care of you
and you take care of me