2017 CUSU/GU candidates announced, with five uncontested roles

Khushali Dodhia 3 March 2017

The candidates for this year’s CUSU/GU elections have been announced, with three people running for the position of President, five roles going uncontested, and two posts with no candidates at all.

Jack Drury, Daisy Eyre, and Keir Murison have been revealed as the presidential candidates.

Murison is currently a Senior Guest Liason Officer at the Union, as well as being a former President of Student Minds Cambridge and Welfare Officer for Emmanuel JCR. Drury was the 2016-17 Housing Officer for the Caius Students’ Union.

Eyre was also on a JCR committee, as the President of Jesus’s Student Union, a role held previously by current CUSU president Amatey Doku.

The positions of Education Officer, Access and Funding Officer, Women’s Officer, and Welfare and Rights Officer will be uncontested, with Martha Krish, Olivia Hylton-Pennant, Lola Olufemi, and Micha Frazer-Carroll running respectively against the possibility of reopening nominations (RON). 

The role of Disabled Students’ Officer, which was introduced last year, is also being contested by just one candidate, Homerton’s Florence Oulds.

Three students are running for the position of University Councillor: Joshua Jackson, Umang Khandelwal, and Marcel Llavero Pasquina.

There are no candidates running for the positions of Graduate Union President and Ethical Affairs Officer, meaning that by-elections will be held in due course.

This year will also see new campaigning rules being trialled, with the aim of making the election more open and entertaining for voters.

Unlike previous years, candidates will be able to reference one another’s campaigns, as long as they are referring to a policy platform rather than making personal comments.

There are also fewer restrictions on the way that candidates can publicise their campaign. Whereas 2016 campaigns saw several proscriptions, such as existence of secret Facebook group and one Facebook event per candidate set up by the Elections committee, this year’s rules state that “Candidates are encouraged to think creatively about how they campaign to students”, with no such limitations.

Voting will open at 9am on 7 March and close at 5pm on 10 March. There will also be a referendum running alongside the elections, about changes to CUSU’s constitution.