21 Things to do in 3 hours instead of an exam

Magdalen Christie 29 May 2015

1. Go for a bike ride along the river, and do some talent spotting along the way.

2. Have a crepe in Crepe Affaire

3. Have an affair in Crepe Affaire

4.. Visit Kettle’s Yard, an art gallery and house on Castle Hill

Image credit: Wikimedia Commons

5. Sit outside Sainsbury’s and play spot the student (hint: everyone)

6. Learn semaphore (#funwithflags)

7. Write and perform a one-man show

​8. Go to Midnight Mass to eviscerate your sins; go to Sunday Life to earn them all back again​

Image credit: Flickr

9. Break in a pair of heels in preparation for May Balls

10.  Volunteer at a local homeless shelter

11. Get lost in the UL, preferably just before closing time, then panic at the thought of spending the night there.

Image credit: Wikimedia Commons

12. Stalk your supervisor on Facebook (danger: avoid sending them a friend request)

13. Have a really satisfying nap

14. Have a religious revelation and ascend to Heaven from Castle Hill (best done at dawn). 

15. Visit Homerton (apparently very nice this time of year)

Image credit: Flickr

16. Re-enact the final scene of Titanic; cry. This can be done effectively on any bridge in Cambridge.

17. ​Stage a jousting tournament on Jesus Green with toilet brushes instead of lances

18. Challenge Oxford to a cheese rolling race and become a blue

19. Cut boob holes in all of your friends’ gown a la Regina George (so fetch…)

20. Walk to Granchester

Image credit: Qiuying Giulia Lai

​21. Write a stupid list of all the better things you could have done in your spare three hours for a TCS article.