3 Ingredient Scones

lr407 31 October 2015

The two most common excuses for not cooking at uni are a lack of time and lack of money to spend on lots of costly ingredients you'll use once to procrastinate and then leave at the back of your cupboard for the rest of term. These scones solve both those problems.

Sprite, double cream and flour sound more like the results of a tipsy Sainsbury's trip than the start of a promising recipe, but bear with it. Created by Australian Bake Off contestant Monique Bowley, this recipe is further proof (as if more was needed) that the world is simply a better place since Bake Off began. The recipe is simple – mix a can of Sprite, a pot of cream and 500g of self raising flour to a dough, cut out rounds and bake. 

I was skeptical, but also keen for speedy scones, so I gave it a try. I used Sprite Zero, because clearly when making scones out of fizzy drinks and cream and planning to top them with more cream, health is my number one priority. Mixing together lemonade, cream and flour feels like making play dough in nursery as opposed to cooking and the difference between this and normal scones is quickly clear – most scone doughs don't fizz unnervingly. The dough is also super sticky and takes some maneuvering when stamping out with a wine glass, but a very liberal sprinkling of extra flour all over the surface, glass and my hands helps things along. 20 minutes in the oven later – and I have scones!

They look pretty much like scones, they taste like scones, and they work with jam and clotted cream. Using Sprite Zero was (like most healthy decisions) a slight mistake as the scones on their own are not super sweet, almost bready, but who eats a scone on its own anyway? I can’t decide if Mary Berry would love or hate them, but they will do for me. Why stop at scones? There are a whole range of three-ingredient recipes including shortbread, peanut butter cups, lemon cheesecake and chocolate pudding – all the recipes, including for these miraculous lemonade scones, can be found here