5 Debates The Union Should Consider Next Term (and 15 that didn’t make the cut)

Sarah Howden 17 May 2014

Whether it’s porn, assisted suicide or making Cambridge an independent country, the Cambridge Union Society has never fled from controversy. Last night the President Elect of the Union asked TCS what we wanted next. This is our reply…

Does anyone from @tabcambridge @TCSNewspaper @VarsityUK @CULC @CUCA_Tweets @TWSCambridge have thoughts on motions for next term's debates?

— Tim Squirrell (@timsquirrell) May 15, 2014

1. This house would apply to Cambridge University
Elitist, stressful, prejudiced; simply a waste of time? What’s the real value of a Cambridge degree? (it’s certainly not a classification…)

2. This house would abolish Faith Schools
An employer selecting candidates according to religion, race or sex would be dubbed ‘discriminatory’. So why are schools any different?

3. This house would grant anonymity to defendants
Following the controversy of Ben Sullivan’s accusation of rape, can we really say that the principal “innocent until proven guilty” is enforced by the media?

Yes we know this isn't a flattering angle

4. This house would legalise polygamy
Yes, this would ‘redefine marriage’, but the same thing was said of same-sex unions. Is it just a tired argument? Would we be hypocritical to stop people marrying the one(s) they love because of our own prejudices? Or would allowing multiple partners be a giant leap backwards?

5. This house would cut diplomatic ties with Russia
Given his failure to withdraw troops from the Ukrainian border, is it reasonable to trust Putin’s integrity? And if not, is there anything we can do about it?

And a few more suggestions…

6)This house would name its first child Tyler (inspired by a recent union speaker)

7)This house believes that students have no power

8)This house would out all LGBTQ people

9)This house believes an arts degree is a waste of money (Connie Muttock certainly doesn’t.)

10)This house believes the concept of ‘gender’ is outdated

11)This house would ban smartphones from public places

Some people are seemingly physically attached to their phones: is it healthy?             Credit: epSos .de

12)This house would criminalise alcohol

13)This house would raise the age of consent

14)This house believes that voting should be mandatory

15)This house believes the morbidly obese shouldn’t be allowed NHS treatment

16)This house would have an arranged marriage

17)This house would take a gap year

Are Gap Yah's really all that productive?                                                                   Credit: YouTube

18)This house would invade North Korea

19)This house believes there is no such thing as healthy competition

20)This house opposes the Union Society’s monopoly on Cambridge debating