5 Minute workout

Jess Ahluwalia 14 April 2014

Try out this quick routine to get May Week ready whilst revising. Do each exercise for 20 seconds with ten second intervals.

  1. Jumping jacks: Or as I like to refer to them as − star jumps. Don’t be afraid to get your heart rate going with this first exercise. It should remind you of the glory days in school P.E.
  2. Alternate lunges: Get those legs ready for garden parties girls. Guys − your thigh’s the limit.
  3. High knee jog: Put your hands out flat in front of you and raise your knees high enough to hit them. Make sure you put your all into it, it’s only 20 seconds!
  4. Plank: Do try not to fall asleep.
  5. Press-ups: You might as well while you’re down there planking.
  6. Burpees: Absolutely killer, but they really, really (added for belief) get your heart rate going. They also target your whole body for maximum results in minimal time.
  7. Jumping squats: Forwards and back, get your Beyoncé booty on.
  8. Boxer punches: Light on your feet, shift from side to side as you punch the air. Think Eye of the Tiger.
  9. Bicycle crunches: Knees up, elbows out, reach your elbow across to the opposite knee and switch sides.
  10. Stretch it all out: Roll your shoulders, stretch your quads and give yourself a little shake all over.

Guaranteed to leave you feeling fresh and awake, or at least a fraction better than you felt five minutes before. Appropriate for libraries.