50 Years of CUSFS and Doctor Who

Sarah Binney 20 November 2013

This autumn sees the 50th anniversary of one of Cambridge’s foremost sources of geekery. For half a century now it has been a central part of students’ lives. Yes, this term we see the golden birthday of the Cambridge University Science Fiction Society!

CUSFS (pronounced cuss-fuss) was (to the best of our knowledge) founded in Michaelmas term 1963, roughly a month before BBC aired a particular adventure in time and space. I like to think our members have been watching Doctor Who since it started but there’s no way to tell. Certainly it’s a favourite topic of discussion in the modern era. According to our not-hugely-comprehensive records, showrunner and general Doctor Who god Douglas Adams visited in 1979 (“Notoriously unreliable, but a great speaker. Ex-St John’s.”).

So, to celebrate, we’re partnering up with the Cambridge University Doctor Who Society to bring Cambridge the biggest geek party it has ever seen. Starting in the McGrath centre in St Catharine’s College, we’ll be watching the mini episode 'The Night of the Doctor' and hosting a Doctor Who-themed quiz, followed by a live broadcast of the 50th anniversary special 'The Day of the Doctor.'

And of course join us afterwards in Clare Gatehouse (near the UL) for Doctor-themed cocktails, food, quizzing, board games, and more fish fingers and custard than you can shake a sonic screwdriver at. There’s also a fancy dress competition with a prize for the best costume. This really will be the highlight of a Whovian’s term. Allons-y!