6 Excessive Cambridge Cocktails

Hannah Graham, Ellie Griffiths 2 May 2014

The Girton
This takes a lot of effort to mix (just like it does to cycle to) but it’s certainly pretty once you get there (decorated with ‘pass-ley’ for exam term success).

1 Sugar Syrup
0.5 Grenadine
1 Amaretto
1 Blue Curacao
Lime Juice
Trace Lemon Juice
3 Apple Juice

Add a layer of sugar syrup followed by a layer of grenadine to the bottom of the glass. Shake the remaining ingredients over ice, then top up the glass.


With a selection of ingredients that’s as innovative and unique as your new physical theatre piece performed entirely in Czech. Once you start drinking this, you’ll have no time for other cocktails (or friends).

1 Amaretto
1 Dark Rum
0.5 Chambord
Ginger Beer
Raspberries to decorate (optional)

Shake the alcohol over ice and pour into a glass. Top up with ginger beer and raspberries, if using.


Emma’s Fluffy Duck
According to the alternative prospectus I read, Emmanuel College are pretty proud of their feathered friends, so here’s a traditional ‘Fluffy Duck’ cocktail with a Cambridge twist.

1 Gin
1 Avocaat
1 Orange Juice
0.5 Triple Sec
Soda Water

Shake the first four ingredients over ice and add to the glass. Top up with soda water to taste.


The Cam Water

Murky, suspicious and probably not very good for you, this cocktail is nonetheless a lot tastier than its namesake.

1 Peach Schnapps
1 Vodka
0.5 Blue Curacao
3 Cranberry Juice
1 Orange Juice

Shake all the ingredients over ice, then pour into a tall glass.


The Jesus (Christ that’s strong!)
What’s black and red and a little bit dangerous? Dennis the Menace, obviously, but also our own Jesus College, and its cocktail counterpart.
Warning: this drink significantly divided opinion among our mixologists, with reactions ranging from "Urgh, that tastes like medicine!" to "Oooh, that tastes like yummy medicine!"

1 Sugar Syrup
1 Grenadine
1 Kahlua
1.5 gin
1.5 spiced rum

First, shake the gin and rum together, then put aside. Layer the ingredients individually in the glass, starting with the sugar syrup, followed by the grenadine, Kahlua, and then the mixed gin and rum.


The Sel-Gin
Named after that finest of all colleges, this cocktail is tasty, easy to drink and generally superior to all others.

2 Gin
2 Cranberry Juice
0.5 Sugar Syrup
0.5 Chambord
Lemon Juice to taste
Raspberries, to decorate (optional)
2 Teaspoons of author bias

Shake all the ingredients over ice and pour into a glass. Top with raspberries, if using.

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