7 Inspirational Websites That Will Take Your Procrastination to the Next Level

Sophie Buck 18 October 2014

Want to do some productive procrastinating?

Broaden your mind with the following seven inspirational and informative websites:

1. TED

Ever since 2006, talks from the world-renowned TED (Technology, Education and Design) conference have been uploaded online, so everyone can be inspired and informed by them. Do not miss out on this incredible resource.

2. StumbleUpon

Like cool and interesting things but can’t be bothered to seek them out? Try StumbleUpon, where something awesome is only a click away.

3. Live Learn Evolve

A beautiful website that aims to widen your mind by exploring deeply thought-provoking topics.

4. The Holstee Manifesto

An idea about how to live your life that’s worth checking out. You can even buy yourself a copy of the manifesto – or make one, as they are fairly expensive – to hang on your wall.

Image Credit: Next TwentyEight

5. Buzzfeed

With its gif-filled listicles of insightful unspoken truths, useful life hacks and random mind-blowing facts, Buzzfeed just gets us.  Buzzfeed, we love you.

6. Eye Opening Info

Opening your eyes to things you probably don’t know but really should know.

7. Works & Conversations

A really interesting website dedicated to in-depth interviews with ‘inspiring social artists’.

Are you already hooked on one of these great procrastination websites, or are you outraged that your all-time favourite go-to website hasn't been mentioned here? If so, let us know by commenting below!!