7 Things You Will Experience During Freshers’ Week

Magdalen Christie 26 September 2015

Welcome 2015 Freshers! If you’re wondering what might happen to you during the infamous freshers’ week, read on…

1. Regrettable drunken behaviour

For those of you that drink, beware.  Freshers’ week contains an overwhelming amount of alcohol, often at disarmingly low prices, and at surprising times of day. The chant of ‘down it, fresher!’ may become an anthem for a doomed night, but for those that don’t drink (wise choice, may I say) it will ring as a victorious battle hymn as you make it through another night laughing at those around you embarrassing themselves. Stay away from lawns and porters, try to remain clothed at all times, and you should be fine.

An alternative alcoholic themed activity. Note the girl with the brick phone. Image credit: Neil Turner via flickr

2. Homesickness

Missing home is, of course, not something that everyone will experience, but it manages to edge itself in there sometimes, particularly at bed-time when a small college room probably doesn’t match up to your comfortable bedroom at home, complete with purring cat. Distractions are normally the best cure, although if you choose alcohol to help you with this, please refer to point 1.

3.  Finding your 5 minute best friend

Everyone arrives at university desperate to make friends by any means necessary. Sometimes, this results in chatting to anyone that resembles a student, and you momentarily think you’ve hit it off. Cue a night of self-conscious dancing, a couple of breakfast chats as you try to remember each other’s names, and then never looking them in the eye again.

4. This is it! / Is this it?

Freshers’ week may involve a lot of new experiences (not those kind, cheeky) which are, for the most part, lots of fun. Going wild without an anxious parent waiting for you to get home by 1am, having the freedom to go and do whatever – or whoever – you want, whenever you want, basking in a fresh student loan, and looking forward to reinventing yourself are just a few. Emotions however, will ride high and low, perhaps veering from the ecstatic “This is it! Adulthood!” to the bewildered “Is this it? Adulthood?”

5. Second years giving advice

This is usually unhelpful. They think they’re reassuring you by saying “Don’t worry! The work is manageable if you just stay organised.” How is this good advice? “I’m just trying to stay awake right now because I was up til 5 with my new best friend (is her name Lucy or Jess? Dammit) and you expect me to stay organised?” (lol at how this article is mostly useless advice from a second year)

This lovely logo… Image: Wikimedia Commons

6. All of the new Facebook friends

Requests come flooding in as you frantically try and sift through your account, deleting unflattering pictures and embarrassing posts. These will be replaced within a week with terrible nightclub photos, featuring sweaty faced strangers in their freshers’ t-shirts, clutching VKs and new friends.

7. Hopefully, a lot of fun and the start of a wonderful year at university

Cherish your time here, however bizarre it seems and remember that in just a few months, you’ll be dancing the night away at a May Ball, looking back on your early uni days with only the slightest of awkward shivers.