A Letter

TCS Food and Drink 10 November 2007

Dear Gilbert and Sullivan,

How do you manage so consistently to be so wonderful? Every week, with avid glee, we jiggle with anticipation in the JCR, waiting for the delivery of the still warm TCS newspapers. Feverishly excited, we turn to the ‘Food and Drink’ page, and feast on your words of wit and wonder. Are there finer journalists in Cambridge? Probably not very many.

Every Thursday we arrive at the College Nurse’s Office, suffering severe hiccups as tears of laughter make our make-up run down. Time and again, whether writing on Gaul, Freeganism, Sex or Religion, you hit the mark like William Tell in a leotard.

But now I submit a challenge: can you deal with the issue of class? That abiding divide in our society between plums and potatoes, pot roasts and pot noodles; pashminas and Primark. Can you turn your talents to this conundrum of sociology?

Disturbingly over-excited to see the


Gabriel and Stephen

Of Cambridge.

Dearest Readers,

Your delightful missive fills us with pleasure, like an ancient Corinthian picking up a papyrus and seeing “lots of love, Paul” at the bottom. In these soulless days of text messaging and smoke signals, the reception of your epistle caused not an insignificant wave of excitement at the TCS offices.

Gilbert was busy typing up a village fete; Sullivan, a 50th wedding anniversary; the editor, a little satirical poem entitled ‘Why Happy Meals are Happy’. When we opened the envelope a little blush of pride appeared on all six of our cheeks and we set about inscribing this retort at once.

As to your question “are there finer journalists in Cambridge?” – we had a look around and it appears not. To the question “how do you manage so consistently to be so wonderful?” we can only say, “we were born this way!”

We have handed the class challenge to eager young cub reporter John Hall and so have bumped your letter to the spot reserved for our own witty and pithy thoughts on the topic.

With lots of love and kisses,

Gilbert and Sullivan

TCS Food and Drink