A Novice’s Guide to the Doctors

Suzanne Duffy 23 November 2013

When William Hartnell who portrayed the Doctor wanted to leave the show in 1966 the scriptwriters came up with the most ingenious plot device in history to ensure Doctor Who could continue. The Doctor doesn’t die, he simply changes. Here’s a quick guide to his many faces and personalities:

One: Mysterious, cantankerous and occasionally forgetful. Reminds everyone of their grandfather.

Two: Somewhat slapdash in his approach. Wore a fabulous fur coat.

Three: A man of action who spends most of his incarnation stranded on Earth for BBC budget reasons.

Four: Everyone’s favourite. The hair! The grin! The jelly babies!

Five: A boyish and charming pacifist. Hideous cricketer’s costume though.

Six: Manic, unpredictable and a bit of a doom-monger.

Seven: His character trajectory from bumbling fool to dark manipulator was progressing nicely until the BBC cancelled Who…

Eight: You know, the one from Withnail and I. Appeared once in a made-for-TV film.

Nine: Made the reboot a success with his big ears and Northern accent (“lots of planets have a north!”). Now playing a dark space pixie in Thor 2.

Ten: My doctor. Skinny and sexy with an inexplicably attractive penchant for suits and Converse. Allons-y!

Eleven: Enjoys wearing fezzes, being confused by River Song and never losing a childlike sense of wonder.

Twelve: Foul-mouthed spin doctor…oh hang on, that’s Malcolm Tucker.