A selection of comfort books for Week Five

Bryn Porter, Anna Reynolds, India Leeming, Sandy Rushton 14 February 2014

As Week Five begins and we’re all in need of either chocolate or a cuddle, we asked our readers for their favourite comfort books…

Bryn Porter

What better way to distract yourself from the week 5 blues than with the adventures of two children who run away to find the Land of the Dragons, getting hands and feet turned to gold and fighting evil monks on the way? If you need to escape reality, then Nicobobinus is the book for you.

Anna Reynolds

By week 5 the last thing I want to do is read a hefty book; therefore, the only book for me to read is the child-oriented collection of poems The World of Christopher Robinby A. A. Milne. The philosophical musings of someone sitting “halfway up the stairs” takes me straight back to my carefree childhood days.

India Leeming

I find the Lord of the Rings trilogy comforting; there is something reassuring about knowing the plot of a book before you read it. Tolkien’s descriptions of his fantasy world are so vivid and detailed that it is hard not to be drawn in. Being engaged in the book enables me to forget my troubles and just drift into my reading space.

Sandy Rushton

I quite like The Canterville Ghost by Oscar Wilde. Wilde’s witty wordplay brings a smile to my face and the Ghost’s hijinks make the short story more laugh-out-loud funny than some of his other work. Also, because it’s only 30 pages long it’s easy to slot in between essay deadlines.