A wee bit of trouble at King's

Owen Kennedy 22 November 2007

Students at King’s College have been chastised in an email from their Dean after “a considerable amount of urine” was found in college waste water pipes.

The discovery was made by plumbers hired by the college following a complaint from a student that her sink was blocked.

The Reverend Ian Thompson went on to explain to the student body that “urine quickly forms a scale within the pipe work which results in blockages, leading to waste water ‘backing-up’ into hand basins.”

He concluded with an offer of help for any students who felt they might have difficulty in fulfilling his request. “Should any one need any assistance to help them tell the difference between a hand basin and a toilet bowl, please let me know.

“I’d be happy to explain the difference…should that essential piece of education have passed you by about sixteen or seventeen years ago.”

Asked for his opinion on the communication, second year King’s student Adam Kessler expressed astonishment that the practice was so widespread.

“I was surprised to hear it was a common problem at King’s” he said, adding that he had never felt compelled to indulge in the practice himself.

The story even made it as far as the BBC. “The practice of urinating in the sink MUST stop” was Quote of the Day in the Magazine section of the corporation’s website.

Owen Kennedy