A word with Erin Walters

Nick Butler 26 April 2013

Wales international goalkeeper and star of Cambridge’s BUCS Lacrosse title defence over Durham talks to Nick Butler

How did the BUCS final pan out?

We were underdogs so it was great to prove our power to the wider lacrosse world! We went in to play well, focus on each moment, and have fun for each other and knew the result would then take care of itself.

How did this year compare with last year’s win?

Obviously last year was fantastic with the perfect undefeated season. We were a younger team this year, with different strengths. I’m not sure if the second gold felt sweeter, but it made a statement that Cambridge Lacrosse should never be underestimated.

Assess your individual performance?

I have no complaints!I was seeing the ball well and was able to make a couple of saves in the first minutes, and then ride the wave of confidence throughout.It was an honour to be named ‘Player of the Match’, but credit really has to go to our defensive unit.

How hard was it to recover from the disappointment of losing Varsity?

This might sound strange, but I think we needed a loss at some point. We were able to go into the BUCS semis without worrying about maintaining a perfect record and could just refocus on ourselves and our ability to play fun lacrosse.And hey, one loss in two years isn’t too shabby!

How hard do you train?

We had stickwork/tactical training three times a week, alongside two strength and conditioning sessions. I have also had additional Wales training weekends throughout the season.

What are your future Lacrosse aims?

I’m currently in full preparation mode with Wales for the World Cup, which will be held in Canada this July.To say I’m excited is an understatement, and it’s even better that two other CUWLC girls (Ellie Walshe for Wales, and Ari Midgen for Scotland) will be playing too. After that I will have a break to finish my PhD.

Nick Butler