Academic’s Arborio aka Ham & Pea Risotto

Gigi Perry 4 November 2014

Ingredients: Onion (chopped), garlic (crushed), butter, 350g Arborio risotto rice, litre of chicken stock, glass of white wine (and some more for the cook), mug of frozen peas, huge handful of grated Parmesan (plus more for topping), salt, pepper, mug of chopped ham, fresh parsley 


1. Heat a good knob of butter in a big pan and add your onion and garlic. Gently fry over a low heat for about ten to fifteen minutes until golden and soft. Add the rice and coat it in the buttery onion.
2. Start heating the stock in a different pan.
3. Pour the wine into the rice and stir until it has absorbed. It’s smelling good (and looking it too – so long as you keep stirring).
4. Add a couple of ladles of your hot stock. Stir, stir and stir again. As the stock absorbs, ladle in some more. And so on.
Cook for about twenty minutes. On the bright side, you can earn some boatie-worthy arm muscles. Add the last of the stock along with the peas.
5. Season to taste and throw in your Parmesan. Keep it over the heat until it’s oh-so-creamy with tender tasty rice. Finally, add your ham.
6. Divide between bowls, chuck on a whole load of Parmesan and devour. This is definitely best served hot hot hot. If you’re feeling fancy then add some fresh parsley.