Album Review: Calvin Harris – 18 Months

Chris Ronalds 12 November 2012

Calvin Harris – 18 Months

A slightly despondent Calvin Harris once said that electronic music in the 90s was on the brink of triumphing over the mainstream. Think Prodigy, Chemical Brothers, Fat Boy Slim. Ideas like that weren’t acceptable in the 80s (great gag) but here, Harris has gone a long way towards emulating that journey. In truth, you’ve probably heard ‘18 Months’ already – to have stepped/stumbled/moonwalked into a club in the last year is to have done so. And that’s no bad thing. Feel So Close and Rihanna’s We Found Love are big tunes; to a lesser extent, so too are We’ll Be Coming Back with Example and Let’s Go with Ne-Yo. Stars suffuse much of the remainder of the album, Dizzee and Ellie Goulding most notably. So, number 1 in the UK and the US, top five down under. The Belgians hated it (landing it at 48), but that’s okay. Perhaps ‘18 Months’ edges uncomfortably towards homogeneity at times. It’s simple too, but a calamity it ain’t: arguably one of the greatest dance tracks ever, Fat Boy Slim’s Praise You, was three chords and a baseline with an idea. And look at him now! – dressed as a giant octopus, surrounded by bemused Olympians.

Chris Ronalds