Album Review: Dutch Uncles – Cadenza

Steve Buttercase – Guest Reviewer 22 May 2011

Dutch Uncles – Cadenza (Memphis Industries, 2011)

Tracks to download: Cadenza, The Rub

Groove dripping reckless pop that breaks the heart and makes you dance until it mends again. The opening title track sounds like a Led Zeppelin groove mixed so low it becomes a pulse and then is topped with some angular pop stabs.

“Fragrant” is staccato and sharp, giving it energy and a really supportive drone that highlights some pretty clever arrangement skills here. Cross time signatures and flat but sincere vocals make it memorable but not overly derivative.

Dutch Uncles could be guilty of overdoing the poly-rhythms but it does work and the groove is never compromised largely due to a great rhythm section – whether human or hard drive it is tight and on the money in every song. There is good musicianship here – the vocals are CBGB circa 1977 at times which in my book is a very good thing. I can hear Tom Verlaine and David Byrne just tighter and funkier in a new millennial way which again is good. They could kick Franz Ferdinand down the cellar stairs to a life of Fritzel incarceration for crimes against the authentic and well done them for that.

An excellent collection of songs with some punchy arrangements that are inventive and satisfying. Showy and brave with influences that can be applauded…I even heard a bit of Sparks in there!

Good stuff.

Steve Buttercase – Guest Reviewer