Album Review: Eric Benet – Lost in Time

Steve Buttercase – Guest Reviewer 22 May 2011

Album Review: Eric Benet – Lost in Time (Reprise Records, 2011)

Tracks to download: Paid, Sometimes I Cry

If the title of this album is a veiled or ironic acknowledgement of the fact that it is very heavily laced throughout with the type of eighties funk soul that made Jamiroquai global superstars then I think it protests a bit too much.

The album is easy listening muzak schmaltz for the most part with soulful songs and ballads that would have sat nicely on a Luther Vandross album, and when it gets a pulse it is guilty of falling somewhere between chart and club without really bothering either.

That said it does cliche superbly well. The voices are tonally pleasing and familiar, as are the grooves and arrangements, so the end product pretty well delivers what I guess Benet’s fan base will expect so maybe everyone is happy. There is no stand out track but then nothing is so dog awful to deserve being called filler either.

“Sometimes I Cry” is the hit with a slow, soulful shuffle showcase for Benet’s silky voice with a bit of drama and punctuated horns to at least be more of a signature. I prefer “Paid” with its strident guitar funk figures and upbeat pretensions.

Trouble is, if you hated the eighties you will hate this.

Steve Buttercase – Guest Reviewer