Album Review: Green Day – Dos!

Dan Leigh 21 November 2012

Green Day – Dos!

Rating: 2 out of 5

Download: F*** Time

Green Day’s misguided switch from pop-punk to ‘political’ alternative rock has produced some drab and inconsequential results. The band seems to have belatedly realised their mistake and attempted a return with their latest album trilogy, of which Dos! is the second, but the results are similarly drab and inconsequential. Despite a decent start with F*** Time, and some other glimmers of hope in Lady Cobra and the surprisingly tender Amy, the rest are tedious and dull, particularly considering what the band were previously able to do with strong and simple guitar melodies. The contrast is overwhelmingly evident if one compares the lacklustre Lazy Bones with its thematic predecessor Longview. Stick with the latter.

Dan Leigh