Album Review: Passion Pit – Manners (Columbia)

Adam Whitehead 1 October 2009

In recent years MGMT and Vampire Weekend have succeeded in conquering the dance-floors while riding a tide of praise from the blogs for their slanted take on familiar genres.

Passion Pit’s debut album, Manners, suggests that they are likely to receive similar crossover adulation.

The album’s first single “The Reeling” is the most likely to deliver such success. Undeniably catchy, it’s perhaps one of the best pop songs of the year.

“Sleepyhead”, despite already having been featured on the Chunk of Change EP, is a welcome inclusion. It sounds aptly dream-like and is the album’s most memorable track.

However not everything on Manners reaches these heights; the grand ambitions of “To Kingdom Come” fall short, “Seaweed Song” is forgettable and the unrelenting cheerfulness will be too saccharine for some.

Fans of Passion Pit will likely hail Manners as a brave and intelligent pop record in the dark and sometimes scary world of the Black Eyed Peas.

This is hard to argue with, but as joyous and playful as the album is during its best moments, it often fails to excite between these peaks – and so Manners doesn’t deliver the perfectly crafted electro-pop album the blogs raised expectations for.

Not that this matters because “The Reeling” will continue to take the clubs by storm.

Adam Whitehead