Album Review: The Futureheads – Rant

Cosmo Godfree 28 May 2012

The Futureheads – Rant


Track to Download – Acapella

It makes sense that the Futureheads should turn their harmonising talents to an entirely acapella album – remember their wonderful take on Kate Bush’s Hounds of Love? In a bland, forgettable indie landscape, this novel direction is a brave move. Revamped versions of old Futureheads songs will please fans, but are hardly a patch on the originals.

The real keeper here is the cover of Kelis’ Acapella (duh) which kick-started this project. Elsewhere though, there are plenty of folky duds. On its own fairly modest terms, Rant is a success, but nowhere near enough of one to warrant further listens.

Cosmo Godfree