Album Review: The Jezabels – Prisoner

Sarah Fortescue 20 March 2012

The Jezabels – Prisoner (2011 – Play It Again Sam)


Looks can be deceiving, and words appear to be misleading. Ten seconds into this Aussie indie rock group’s second album and all subconscious assumptions about what sort of auditory offerings await are instantly shattered. Or so it would seem…

After having my ears temporarily abused by what appeared to sound like a ludicrously hyperactive group of children unleashing 5kg worth of various forbidden e-numbers on their local church’s musical cupboard (whilst demolishing the organ with brute force), I was sceptical about enduring an hour of ‘Prisoner’. Track names such as ‘Deep Wide Ocean’ and ‘’Endless Summer’ conjured up thoughts of a light hearted creation, whilst reality produced a particularly solemn knell.

Luckily, the title track is in no way representative of the full album, and my patience served me well. Next up was ‘Endless Summer’, refreshingly unique indie pop with Florence-like vocals led by effortlessly appealing pop punk guitar riffs. Much of the album follows in its footsteps, with the majority of choices sounding as though they’ve jumped straight out of the soundtrack to ‘The OC’, which is far less offensive than it sounds. Think ‘Comfort in Sound’ meets ‘Lungs’ and you’re halfway there – just remember to skip the first track.

Sarah Fortescue