Album Review: The Maine – Black & White

Steve Buttercase – Guest Reviewer 22 May 2011

The Maine – Black & White (Sire/Action Records, 2011)

Track to download: It doesn’t really matter

The Maine is another of those formulaic American Bands, along the lines of All Time Low, trying hard to be a kind of Killers-meets-Del Amitri pop sensation. They may well be with this tight punchy production and excellent vocal delivery. The songs are predictably catchy and don’t pretend to be anything they are not – imagine Foo Fighters remixed for pre-watershed ten year olds doing a Nickelback impression. You will be about there.

The problem is this takes no risks at all – which pretty well guarantees it will burn out quickly in a blaze of mediocre success in maybe a couple of years. They may get lucky but if you write songs that fit right in to American Idol karaoke versions you are asking for trouble.

I hope they go away and listen to Counting Crows and Catherine Wheel and start meaning it a bit more and they might be worth another listen.

Steve Buttercase – Guest Reviewer