Album Review: The Pigeon Detectives – We Met At Sea

Steve Buttercase - TCS Online Guest Reviewer 5 April 2013

The Pigeon Detectives – We Met At Sea

This is the fourth offering from the band and a bit of a comeback album after the disappointing reviews for their last offering.

The Pigeon Detectives have nothing to prove live. Quite simply if you see them you will love them – and, as is so often the case with such bands, they must constantly meet the challenge of capturing what is played effortlessly through valve amplifiers, to a sweaty crowd and then recreating it for a series of three minute smart phone downloads.

So how did they do? Well singer Matt Bowman is on impressive form and has managed to make his vocals sound lively and vibrant throughout, which goes some way to bottling what is most valuable about them – that live ambience. This is an infectious, lively and engaging album that comes across a little like an “Inbetweeners” or “Skins” soundtrack at times… so perhaps just a little bit passe as a result, but nothing terminal.

Where I score them highly is on the level of authenticity they display – there are a few minor mistakes (find them yourself, they’re well disguised) but they don’t care and this gives the whole record a cohesive personality. The whole has a sense of itself but the individual tracks stand alone and remain fragment friendly for the iTunes world.

Scatter gunning indie riffs and tub thumping choruses, this album pulses like Processed Pop’s slashed femoral artery and sprays everywhere. “I don’t want to hold your gaze coz it would only make me fall in love with you” is a lyrical example. You will be singing it in the lift or the car park.

There is more to them than just poppy infectious tunes. “Light Me Up” is a joyfully uplifting youthful song on the surface, but it does have a profoundly melancholic undercurrent that is just sublime.

“I Don’t Mind” is a poignant and creative composition and from these lyrics comes the album title. I also enjoyed “Day and Month” and particularly “No State To Drive” but even the tracks in between were enjoyable and no less memorable.

It is a good album and I suspect that those who love it may very well have it as the soundtrack to many of their memorable life moments. It does have scope and colour, but I wonder if it may suffer from being a little of its time and whilst I am definitely going to go and see them live, and feel certain they will deliver, I will probably be looking for a bit more of a step forward next time.

Tracks to download: “Hold Your Gaze”; “Light Me Up”; “Day & Month”; “No State to Drive”

Steve Buttercase – TCS Online Guest Reviewer