Album Review: The Twang – 10:20

Hilary Samuels 12 November 2012

The Twang – 10:20

The Twang have not had an easy musical experience, being dubbed ‘The Next Big Thing’ by media and failing to emerge from this shadow, then dealing with their drummer stealing £10,000 worth of studio equipment, – but this should all be forgotten with the release of ‘10:20′. The album, drawing on elements of 90s boy-band music and classic vocal harmonies, creates a feel-good sound demonstrated by songs like Paradise, and the album overall is surprisingly cohesive. Mainline is irresistibly catchy and, despite cheesy lyrics, finishes with a superb trumpet solo. Overall, ‘10:20′ is a fantastic album, marking a promising new musical frontier for The Twang.

Hilary Samuels