Album Review: Zion Train – Dub Revolutionaries: The Very Best Of

Tom Dalpra – Guest Reviewer 20 June 2011

Zion Train – Dub Revolutionaries: The Very Best Of (2011)

Track to download: War in Babylon

These guys started life as a reggae sound system in the late eighties. They ‘fused dub with minimal-techno and global influences to redefine dub music in the 90’s, rightfully earning their place as one of the most ‘popular dub acts in the world today’, we’re told. In 2007, they won the ‘Best Dub Album’ award at the Jamaican Reggae Grammys for their ninth LP, Live As One and John Peel, no-less, at one point, called them one of his favourite live bands. Impressive. They’ve done a lot.

This 2 CD, 18 year retrospective turns out to be an interesting, eclectic mix as the band have evolved embracing different influences over the years. We go, for example, from the second track, Dub to Power, the classic dub pace, that you’d expect to hear booming from big speakers at a festival, to War in Babylon which kicks in with some great squelching and a jungle feel.

Their music to me ultimately evokes smoky festival reggae tents, with thick smoke in the air; the rave generation, squat parties and good times. If you’ve been a festival goer over the years it could well have been these boys pumping out the bass.

The message is always positive and it’s a good vibe sort of deal.

Tom Dalpra – Guest Reviewer