Amatey Doku to be NUS VP

Caithlin Ng 27 April 2017

CUSU President Amatey Doku has been elected NUS Vice-President, triumphing with 320 votes over Niall Hamilton’s 122 and Ana Oppenheim’s 110.

Doku, who will replace incumbent VP Sorana Vieru on July 1, campaigned with promises of countering institutional racism, helping with student finance, and protecting the rights of EU students during Brexit negotiations.

Following news of his victory, Doku said: “With the Brexit negotiations under way and the implementation of sweeping Higher Education reforms, now is the time for NUS to commit all its available resource to fighting for a much stronger voice on a national level. It will be both my responsibility and my privilege to take on this task at this crucial time.”

He added on his Facebook page: “The Presidency of Shakira Martin is a turning point for NUS. I don’t exaggerate when I say that this will be a new chapter in NUS’s history, a chance to breathe and reset and it’s a real privilege to be given the chance to serve as part of Shakira’s team.”