An ode to outwear

Gabby Koumis 1 November 2017

During the mid-term Michaelmas months I tend to get into something of a style rut, and when chilly mornings descend the comfortable practicality of leggings and a jumper is often simply too good to resist. Luckily, this is where my coat addiction comes in. Yes, I did bring 11 coats and blazers to uni with me this term. No, I have absolutely no regrets. Cool coats are the easiest way to give a chilled, comfy-as-hell outfit an injection of style and substance. As you can see from my semi-awkward lil self styled photoshoot below, 5 different coats and a few accessories can have ultimate trasformatory power for your winter lecture uniform. I have let the photographer, my boyfriend and ultimate coat-stealer, caption the photographs for added comedic value. 


Captions: 1. Beret Stylish 2. Casual Slavonic Realness 3. Ed-Sheeran-gy 4. Farmer Vybes 5. Disarm-y-ingly Cool