Applications open for editorial roles in Lent 2019

Edmund Crawley 19 November 2018

Application for TCS editorial roles for Lent 2019 are now open! As well as classic positions, a host of roles have been created to fill new sections in the website. We’re looking for creative and inspired types with or without any journalistic experience – the key thing is to have a vision, and the motivation to see it materialised.

Applicants should submit a 500 word statement, with their name, CRSID and intended position at the top, by the 28th of November to It should include experience, if any, as well as ideas and plans for the section.


Positions include:


Deputy Editor

Sub Editor

Features Editor

Comment Editor

Interviews Editor

News & Investigation Editor



  • Theatre Editor
  • Books Editor
  • Film & TV Editor
  • Music Editor



  • Fashion & Beauty Editor
  • Food & Drink Editor
  • Sex & Relationships Editor
  • Travel Editor



  • Art Editor
  • Creative Writing Editor
  • Photography Editor
  • Photography Team
  • Graphics and Design Team
  • Illustration Team


TCS Telly:

  • Camera Operators
  • Video Editors
  • Administrative Team


Social Media Team


We look forward to reading your statements.

Good luck!