Why apply for a TCS Lent column?

Sian Avery 22 December 2014

Ok, so it’s Christmas; you’re busy.  Emailing me might seem like just one more thing you really don’t need to add to your ‘To Do’ list right now and its infringement on your quality TV time might not be welcome.  But come the middle of next term, with sporadic essays on the abstract in Mill's later philosophy, or problem sheets as long as your scarf, the guaranteed regularity of a column doesn’t seem like such a bad idea: and this is the term to get involved.

Suitably settled in after Michaelmas, Lent boasts those wonderful eight weeks of relative stability, before exam term races round the corner, scattering all hopes of regular commitment to extra-curriculars.  This term, the team at TCS are hoping to broaden the array of student columnists, opening up opportunities for a greater number of aspiring writers to contribute regularly to the paper. Plus, it gives you a chance to do something completely different. 

We’re looking for all manner of writers: serious or humorous; student life or comment on world news. We want to hear from YOU.

Perhaps you’ve been grabbed by a column in the past and inspired to write. Or the complete opposite may well be true: if you're disillusioned by a lack of what you would like to see in the paper, address that now and send in a suggestion!

Having been a columnist last term, I would personally recommend the role.  Having your own column gives you the freedom to write about whatever you find important, interesting or funny.  Whatever floats your boat, be it politics, news, economics, food, fashion, sport, or if you simply think your many and diverse opinions deserve to be voiced, get in touch!

Like, come on, when was the last time someone gave you a free chance to splurge your thoughts at a huge audience for free? (those times you've drunkenly shouted at people in the toilets in Cindies don't count)

At TCS, we’re hoping to find enough columnists to populate both our print and online editions.  If you have any ideas, no matter how high or low brow; thematically original or tonally gripping, we want to hear from you.

Send a short description of your column idea, along with examples of your writing (no journalistic experience required!) to sga28@cam.ac.uk by midnight on the 4th January.

And, that done, have a very merry Christmas.