Apply for News and Investigations positions

TCS News Team 8 October 2017

TCS are looking for News and Investigations editors to join our team. 

If you’re interested in breaking the news happening in the city, and making national stories relevant to students, News Editor is the position for you. By keeping readers informed, you not only make sure the student body knows what is really going on, but also that people in charge know their decisions will be scrutinised, and they will be held to account for their mistakes.

It is the role of the Investigations Editors to send off freedom of information requests as well as collate and edit the results. Investigations can change the very face of a University that sometimes can be a little lacking in media oversight, so if you want to change the world (or at least our little corner of it), this may well be the role for you. Past investigations include the hidden cost of Freshers’ week, and TCS are looking into the discrepancies between welfare provisions across the colleges.

There are multiple News and Investigations Editors, so the writing is shared amongst the team.

News and Investigations are positions highly sought after by national newspapers, and are dynamic and exciting roles. The Cambridge Student has won national journalism awards for its investigatory roles in the past. Full training is provided for both.

To apply, send an email to detailing why you want the role, and any experience you have (although this is not neccessary). Feel free to apply for either a position at News or Investigations, or both. The deadline is Sunday 15th October at noon.