Apply now for a Michaelmas 2015 column!

Freya Sanders 2 August 2015

We’re more or less now at the peak of summer. The weather’s at its best, and whether you’re enjoying it on a Mediterranean beach or pining for sun in an office somewhere, there’s a strong chance that the last thing you want to think about is The Bubble. That said, sparing a moment now to consider becoming a TCS columnist this Michaelmas could be one of the best decisions you make.

The first term of the year is undoubtedly the most exciting. Between the influx of freshers, swapping of summer stories, and sweet refrains of the Lion King opener at Cindies, there’s more than enough to observe and comment on. Which is why the team at TCS is looking forward to welcoming new columnists, of all levels of writing experience.

We’re looking for fresh perspectives on the Cambridge we all know and love. Be they funny or serious, high- or low-brow. If you feel that any aspect of university life is deserving of a running commentary, we want to hear from you!

Alternatively, if you’re savvy enough to keep tabs on what goes on in the real world during term-time, or if you’d just prefer to look beyond the gowns and college drama, we want you to get in touch! Want to comment on world news? Let us know. Do you philosophise often on the human condition? Why not philosophise in print?

Having previously been a columnist, I can't recommend the role highly enough. It gives you total freedom to write on anything that interests you. Politics, fashion, travel, food, the fact that none of us really know how we feel about the second season of 'True Detective'. We want to fill both our print and online editions with your diverse opinions.

So, you know those deep thoughts that you only let loose on the world at 2am in the smokers’ area at Life? Get them in order under the cool light of sobriety to be postulated upon by the rest of your peers. You won’t regret it.

Send a short description of your column idea, along with examples of your writing (no experience needed) to by midnight on the 7th August.

And enjoy the rest of the summer!