Must-do activities for the arty in Cambridge

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Cambridge: the centre of the art world in the East. OK, this doesn’t sit quite right, but with a little delving, the veritable glut of activities, galleries, museums and specialised shops which Cambridge boasts come to the fore. Let our suggestions whet your palette...

What to try?

Fancy getting an eyeful of a Wednesday night? A serious contender for the best student life-drawing group, the weekly meetings at King’s College Art Centre are willing to welcome novice and mature artists alike. Naked bodies are not as scary as they seem, so why not give this remarkably liberating class a go? 8-10pm.

What to join?

This time of year sees us ensconced in snoods and fluffy hats. Why not update your woolly wardrobe with your own creation? Whether you’ve knitted before, or hardly know your left needle from your right (joke: there is no difference), KnitCambridge has come up with a winning formula of wool and pubs. See

Where to buy?

Tiger (opposite Topshop) brings innovative Scandi design and value for money to Cambridge. For those who don’t fancy forking out too much for their artsy experiments, the canvases and paints here are remarkably well made, although the paintbrushes live up to their bargain bucket price.

Where to be locked in?

Cath Kidston in Market Square offers a termly lock-in for anyone with a flair/ fancy for craft or sewing. Sign up to the mailing list in-store, and be quick to reply to the booking e-mail. Minimal cost for students, with the infamous Kidston designs featuring in all projects.

Where to talk?

The Fitzwilliam Museum is not merely an inspiring treasure trove for the art that adorns its walls and floors. Their ‘Conservation Conversations’ run throughout the year, offering the perfect chance to mix with locals and share an informative chat about various oeuvres. Check their event listings for availability.

Where to make a day of it?

The often-overlooked gallery Aid & Abet is joint-hosting (with The Junction) a one-day festival on 8 March, called ‘Monomania’. Aiming to explore “obsessive and solitary creative experience” this looks set to be the most live music-arts-and-performance-filled Saturday you will ever enjoy. Tempted? See

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