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Image credit: Sophie Buck
Image credit: Sophie Buck
Image credit: Sophie Buck
Image credit: Sophie Buck

I have always found looking at works of art and creating them myself an emotive, expressive and pleasurable experience. In my artwork I mainly focus on natural forms – flowers, animals, and above all, being a psychology student, people. I am inspired by the natural beauty that surrounds us, and think that art is the perfect medium to capture it. Things that seem simple are, on closer inspection, often very complex. Art makes me look at those things more closely, which I convey to others via my work.

Inspired by photorealism and wanting to do justice to the complexity of the subject matter, I like to produce pieces that are detailed and realistic. So I prefer mediums that allow for great precision and even cut down the bristles on paintbrushes to make them as thin as possible. Many of my pieces are in pencil or vivid acrylic paint, but I also create collages and mixed media works.

My most recent piece is an acrylic painting of a girl I met in Sri Lanka during the summer. I’ve named the painting The Shy Girl, as she never spoke and often stood on the edge of the action, wanting to be involved but too shy to join in. The painting was created from the only photograph I have of her, so it means a lot. Portraits are my favourite things to paint as I find people hugely interesting and feel that so much can be said via their eyes alone. One day, as something to work towards, I hope to enter the British Portrait Awards.

Although I do love art, I’ve not spent as long on it lately as I used to. After GCSE, I dropped the subject to focus on other things, and I found it hard to find time for my creative release, especially during term time. Since I like to produce detailed pieces, I tend to work on them quite intensely, rather than in spurts, and for a fairly long time. So I’m going to try to find more time this term, as I feel that art is a huge part of me. I’ve joined the Emmanuel College Art and Photography Society as well as Cambridge Creatives, and plan to get involved with both during my time here. I also plan on visiting the incredible Fitzwilliam Museum frequently. A lot more art will be coming from me! 

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