Avant-garde Pop

Eloise Munday 15 January 2009


‘Dance Mother’ (V2/co-op)

Out Jan 26

When I read that Telepathe were billed by NME as “2008’s most interesting band” I expected them to sound like an MGMT rip-off, wearing wet-look leggings. However, it turns out that for once that NME have got something right. Dance Mother is the duo’s first full length, and much awaited, album. They describe themselves as “experimental noise pop” and hail from Brooklyn, home to other experimental acts like Gang Gang Dance. Amongst the thriving New York music scene, Telepathe definitely hold their own. Their songs are a heady mix of layered vocals of ethereal quality, heavy ritualistic beats, tape loops and synth. Yet the songs still retain the catchiness of good pop, due in no small part to the expert production coming from Dave Sitek of TV On The Radio fame. Melissa Livaudais, who forms half of the band along with Busy Gangnes, claims the songs are designed to “put you in a trance and make you dance”. The track Devil’s Trident certainly sounds like you feel when its 6am and you’re in the haze of a party. Livaudais has said that she mostly listens to local New York hip-hop radio stations, and this influence is clearly visible through the bass-ridden drums which permeate every song. The songs on the album compliment each other without sounding the same, and there is not one which doesn’t leave you wanting more. Telepathe are genuinely interesting and exciting with an infectious, hypnotic sound which will make you listen to the album from start to finish, tell your friends about it, and then listen to it again.

Eloise Munday