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Abigail Smith, Amelia Oakley, Chase Caldwell Smith 15 January 2015

Jesus College Library
Like an overgrown greenhouse, foliage is everywhere, so you can feel like Alan Titchmarsh as you frantically do your weekly reading. Jesus’s Garden Room is a cornucopia of beanbags, modern art and squirrel watching. If sculpture is more your thing, here’s an actual Antony Gormley statue, although admittedly the figure of a naked man looming out of the window at night can be a little frightening.

 African Studies Library 
This hidden gem in the uppermost reaches of the Allison Richards Building offers a degree of seclusion unheard of at other libraries, perhaps due perhaps to the three flights of stairs needed to access it. It also includes the most oddly efficient checking-out policy: simply stack your books on a scale and it will scan them out at the touch of a button. Magic.

English Faculty Library 
Just inside the Sidgwick Site lies a place of great mystery for scientists; it is a crevice Medics shall never enter; a feat of exploration the geographers will never achieve – the English Faculty Library. But for us in the know, it’s a place of serene study (if you count the undergrads asleep on the bean bags as ‘serene’), with rooms dedicated solely to Shakespeare, and spontaneous literary performances using the desks as stages.

The University Library 
What better library is there to first venture into this term than the daddy of all libraries – the UL? Cycling up to this piece of imposing architecture, with its formidable chimney emerging through the murky January fog, might seem like the last thing you would want to do. But inside the threatening brick walls you may discover the reason why some people have never left since 
1979. Lose yourself in the wonder of the endless sprawling bookcases; the cavernous reading rooms and, most importantly, the ever-unanswered question … what is kept in the tower?