Baliffs remove occupiers by force

James Musgrave 25 May 2018

Around 10 students have been removed from Greenwich House by force this evening after trying to remain in the occupation.

Cambridge Zero Carbon’s campaign for divestment took a hit earlier today as a court ruled against the society’s ongoing occupation of Greenwich House, persuading baliffs to move in to remove the remaining occupiers.  Zero Carbon have responded by saying "the divestment campaign will not stop".

Cambridge county court found this afternoon that the occupation – which began last Friday – violates property rights and that the University is entitled to possession of the premises. 

The University’s legal representation argued that “employees who would normally be working at those premises have been unable to access their working environment”, and lawyers are now pushing for enforcement of the order by the High Court.

The ruling comes after an emergency rally, attended by around 100 people, was held yesterday outside Senate House to protest against the eviction of the student sit-in.

Zero Carbon’s 7-day occupation is their second takeover of Greenwich House – home to several key University administrative offices – following the barricade of the building’s finance offices last month.

The students have previously vowed to remain in the building until the University agrees to full divestment from fossil fuels by 2022. 

But the occupation is just one element of Zero Carbon’s efforts to challenge Cambridge’s investment policies. In recent weeks a 5-day hunger strike, the spray-painting of Old Schools and a petition signed by thousands have been among the methods used in a campaign that looks unlikely to be dying down anytime soon.