Beauty hacks: Winter edition

Megan Lea 5 December 2016

As the festive season is fast approaching, here are a few beauty hacks to ensure you’re not left out in the cold this winter.

Hopefully your skincare armoury has been heavily stocked with extra moisturisation. As autumn shifts into winter, it is all the more imperative that we keep hand cream and lip-salve within our arsenal and on our person. On-the-go top-ups are bound to become more frequent and it is always worth being prepared. My favourite handcream is from Clarins – it’s on the pricey side, to be sure, but you are paying for a high quality and long-lasting product.

Yet a good skin care routine isn’t just a matter of what you put on your face, but also what you put in your body – effective hydration involves drinking plenty of water. If you’re the type to find water boring then try infusing it with different flavours. Some of my favourites are orange and blueberry (also great brain foods!). There are plenty of ideas to be found on the internet.

If your hair is feeling wind-battered or you have a bad case of hat hair from the day-long donning of your favourite fluffy hat, then apply some coconut or Argan oil for a touch of TLC that won’t leave your hair greasy.  If your hairs are splitting further than the US electorate, then run some Vitamin E oil through your hair and into your scalp.

For the more adventurous among you, here are some less conventional beauty tips. If your lips are less than mistletoe ready, they can be soothed with chilled tea bags. According to, the tannins in the tea help to heal and hydrate chapped lips. This tip is both quirky and environmentally friendly; a means to recycle your cooled-down bag after brewing your favourite cuppa.

Another top tip from is making your own DIY lip-scrub, perfect for those facing an exfoliating emergency or just those on a limited budget. Mix a tablespoon of cane sugar with a tablespoon of organic honey and presto! Non-flaky lips in a flash! Just be sure to tissue off any excess.

The Christmas season is especially festive for make-up lovers! It’s the perfect time to experiment with bold red lips and eyeshadow that twinkles more than a Christmas tree. Different tones of red are better suited to different skin tones but don’t let this limit you. I feel like the key to the perfect red lip isn’t so much the shade itself, but how it balances out with other aspects of the makeup. General rule of thumb; bolder lip, less bold eyes and vice versa. But if you want to give your makeup an extra dose of glam without looking like you walked out of a snow globe, then try some glitter eyeliner either on the top or bottom lash line for a subtle sparkle.