Beauty How-to: Dragon Nails

lr407 4 May 2016

Sit back, relax, and learn the absolutely essential skill of dragon nails! 

  1. Start with a clear base coat. This will stop the brighter colours staining your nail an unfortunate shade!
  2. Apply the colour that you wish your dragon to be over all the nails. I used Pacific (Barry M, £3.99).
  3. To draw the branches of the tree you will need black nail polish and a form of dotting tool. You can buy cheap professional tools on Amazon, but I find that bobby pins or cuticle sticks work just as well.
  4. Draw a series of connecting semi-circles as large or as small as you like. Don’t go too small however, as you still want to the base colour to show through clearly. These semi-circles can either be uniform, as on my little finger, or more freestyle as on the others. I personally prefer the freestyle effect.
  5. You will also need to draw scales on the thumb but it is easier to draw the eye first.
  6. To distinguish the eye area, draw two black semi-circles about a quarter in from each end.
  7. Within this circle, draw a slightly curved line, where the right end is at a lower point than the left. Connect each end with a deep, scooping line to create the shape of an eye. Within that eye-like shape, draw two curved lines to delineate the eyeball.
  8. Colour this eyeball in with a yellow. I used Lexington Yellow (NYC, £1.79).
  9. While the yellow is still sticky and damp, use a cut-off bit of makeup sponge to dab orange on the outer edges. This will give the eye a bit of depth. I used Orange Attack (Maybelline, £2.99).
  10. When this merge of colours is dry, use the orange to draw a line on the right hand side of the eyeball, again, to give depth and shape.
  11. Using the black polish again, draw a fang shape into the eye. This will be the dragon’s pupil.
  12. To lighten the nail up somewhat and give a sense of reflection, draw a white dot on the edge of the fang. Draw a few white lines in the corner of the eye and the outside of the eye.
  13. Finally on the thumb, add in scales as you did on the other fingers.
  14. Apply a clear topcoat for added shine and to prolong wear.