Best technology for keeping fit in the new year

Lili Bidwell 17 January 2017

Perhaps one of the most common New Year’s resolutions: get fit. After the Christmas break people are often full of new motivation to get into an exercise routine. This is becoming increasingly easier with the rise in popularity of fitness apps, and sporting gadgets, allowing users to track their progress and keep up with a new training program. So, what are the top sporting gadgets and apps of 2017?

Waterproof headphones: for anybody who has tried swimming, in spite of the many health benefits of this low impact sport, it is nevertheless difficult to overcome the repetitive nature of swimming lengths in silence. This is where waterproof headphones and ipods come in useful, allowing swimmers to listen to music whilst they swim. For the super dedicated, Finis Neptune has recently been launched. This product means that earphones are no longer necessary since the device is secured onto the swimmer’s goggles and transmits sound to the ears via bone conduction audio.

Fit Radio: for those who cannot even consider working out without music, this app can be very useful. This music-streaming app puts together a workout playlist for you, allowing you to explore different genres of music. Furthermore the app ensures that the beat of the music is consistent throughout the playlist, making it easy to keep your rhythm whilst exercising. The music mixes can be browsed by genre or even type of workout, for example Zumba, Yoga or HITT. The app is availiable for Apple and Android and is free to download although upgrades can be purchased.

Nike + Run Club App: this app is a favourite this year for people who want to track their sporting progress with as much accuracy as possible. The app has a number of features, primarily users can track their run, the distance, heart rate, route and personal records are all recorded by the app in great detail, allowing the user to view their exact progress and to compare sessions. There is also a coaching element to the app, whereby it will allow you to state your goals and then advise you on how to best structure your training to achieve this, making it an ideal app for somebody looking to run a marathon for example. In adition to this, for those who desire to compete, the app gives them the ability to compare their running to other users all around the world.

Misfit Shine: this is ideal for people who are into less mainstream sports, and the kind where it might not be appropriate to take a phone with you. This little waterproof pendant can be worn or attached to one’s person very easily, tracks your every movement. This is ideal for surfing or diving for example, and it is possible to check up on your progress by tapping the LED-lit face. The device also doubles as a watch and runs on coin batteries which last for several months. All in all it seems that the technological advances of 2017 have set us in good stead for all our sporting endeavours of the New Year. With fitness apps and an active lifestyle becoming increasingly popular, people are undoubtedly seeking to procure the latest and best sporting technology. The sporting world is becoming more influenced by technology.