Big MacTriculation Oxford style

Katie Spenceley 15 November 2007

Matriculation at Oxford is a noble and ancient ceremony, based on Latin, tradition and, this year, a truly sickening number of hamburgers.

A St John’s College second year, Adam Bailey, hammed it up at a matriculation ceremony by gorging himself on ten Big Macs.

Standing only metres from matriculating freshers, and observing the refined white tie dress code, Bailey got hold of £20 worth of MacDonald’s food – managing to scoff it all in only 30 minutes.

Bailey told The Oxford Student: “I was reliving every 8-year-old’s dream.

“Everyone remembers the excitement of going to McDonald’s as a child. It was a test of manhood. One man’s mission. A new second year ritual.”

He was goaded on by his College JCR who had the event filmed for the St John’s student television programme, SJC TV.

A spokesperson for SJC TV, commenting on Bailey’s 4950 calorie extravaganza, said: “Adam showed that American food habits could be matched and beaten by the English; not only that but it also took place at one of the UK’s top two universities.”

Footage of the event has now been posted on YouTube, where it has been avidly watched over two hundred times.

Remarking on his achievement of ingesting double the recommended daily intake of calories, Bailey said: “To be truthful I don’t even like the taste of . It was a one-off.”

He claimed: “I was proving that all these people who say McDonald’s makes you obese are wrong. “Too much of anything is bad for you. It’s just like binge drinking, but with food.”

Katie Spenceley