Boat Race Crew Announced

TCS Sport 12 March 2012

With the 158th Boat Race now less than a month away, the crews for both teams have been unveiled and the contrast between the total weights is huge.

While the Light Blues total 770.4kg at an average weight of 96.3kg, the Dark Blues come in at just 707.6kg meaning their average is 88.4kg. Cambridge’s Steve Dudek earns the accolade of heaviest man at 109.6kg. Over the last ten years the heavier team has prevailed seven times but it is worth noting that over the same time span the younger crew have only won three times – Cambridge’s average age is 23 compared with Oxford’s 25.

Returning Blue Mike Thorp is the only British member of the Light Blues; his teammates come from Australia, America, Germany and New Zealand. Incredibly, two of the Cambridge crew – Alex Ross and Moritz Schramm – only learnt to row in their first year at University.

The chosen men are: Moritz Schramm, David Nelson (President), Mike Thorp, Jack Lindeman, Alexander Scharp, Steve Dudek, Alex Ross, Niles Garratt and Ed Bosson (Cox).

The Boat Race takes place at 2.15pm on Saturday 7th April.

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