Book Review: A Guide to Uni Life

jrj33 3 November 2015

A Guide to Uni Life by Lucy Tobin promises to tell you everything you need to know about being a student. The book is divided into sections, each detailing a certain aspect of student life, its trials and tribulations. Punctuating each section are little tip boxes containing enlightening and often amusing quotes from real students.

There are some really interesting sections. The excellent finance chapter ranges from instructions on how to draw up a simple budget to the possibility of investing extra bursary funds, and the academic writing section gives many good, simple, easy-to-understand pointers.

However, it must be said that advice is often repetitive and simplistic, and what’s more, the chummy style the book is written in could come across as patronising. Mental health, widely regarded as being a vital issue, on university campuses in particular, is given little space whilst too much focus is put on food and student recipes.

It was in the tip boxes that I found the most useful and amusing advice, particularly in regards to freshers’ week. The inclusion of a range of student voices was certainly a good idea, as it is reassuring for many to know that their problems and worries are often universal!

All in all, this is not a book I would recommend to the average university student. Much of the content is unnecessary, and nowadays this kind of information can easily be found elsewhere. However, for the current A-Level student or newbie fresher, nervous at the possibility of leaving home, A Guide to Uni Life could be just the gentle introduction needed!

Image credit: Jirka Matousek