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Recently around your faculty libraries (or if you were courageous and sharp-elbowed enough to brave the freshers’ fair) you may have spotted these rather distinctive-looking, compass-bearing key rings. You may have walked on by, eager to start the term right and get to your impending lecture on time for once. But next time you pass through the library, stop, do a double take and pick up what could be the answer to all your studying woes.

Spacefinder is a newly-launched website, innovative and exciting in equal measure, aiming to pair each Cambridge student with their perfect, study space match. After conducting extensive and varied research, the Spacefinder team found that many students often struggled to find the ideal place to knuckle down. Some preferred the coffee shop experience – plenty of background noise and access to free Wi-Fi. Others opted for the more traditional library-style setting – cosy, disciplined and strictly silent. One thing that Andy Priestner (head of Spacefinder) and co. realised for certain was that, when it came to study spaces, there was no ‘one size fits all’. And thus Spacefinder was born – an easy-to-use tool that allows students to sift through every armchair, library desk and beanbag (yes, beanbag) in Cambridge to find their most perfect, tailor-made study spot.

Image credit: Andy Priestner

Dabbling in the website myself this week, I have been more than impressed. The user-friendly layout and extensive list of options make for a foolproof experience. Simply choose your preferences – do you like a modern, traditional or friendly atmosphere? Do you require plug sockets, lots of desk space or pretty views? Do you need strict silence or musical accompaniment? – and you’re a mere click away from your dream location. Even if you want to throw in the towel and take the afternoon off from work, Spacefinder can help reveal a few hidden coffee shop gems and uncharted, faculty café territories, complete with handy maps and opening hours.

Launched just a couple of weeks ago, Spacefinder already boasts around 100 happy users a day and can be found here. Give it a go today and maximise your productivity – and happiness - this term!

For more information read Andy Priestner’s blog post, and the Futurelib blog, here

Image credit: Jemima Jobling

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