Boy takes bike bait

Pete Jefferys - Deputy News Editor 8 June 2009

A police ‘bike bait’ trap which led to the capture of a suspected student thief has not led to a criminal charge.

Andrew Lewis, of St Catharine’s college, wrote online about his experience of stealing the bike and his subsequent capture and release by the police. Writing on ‘Google Groups’ he described the incident:

“So I was out on Tuesday night, came out of the nightclub fairly the worse for drink, and didn’t really want to walk home. Because of this, I looked at the bikes that were left outside the club, and found one unlocked. ” I took it, cycled home, and on the way was stopped by a police car.”

Lewis continued:

“Two members of the police force emerged, asked me who I was, where I was from and if it was my bike. ” I told the truth, that I had ‘found’ the bike, and was then told that they had been following me on CCTV for the entire time since I took the bike, and had to ‘blat across the city’ to catch me. I was told off and ordered to put it back, which I did. I have no issues with any of this – in fact I was let off quite lightly for my crimes.”

Richard Taylor, a Cambridge resident, was less than impressed with Lewis’ actions; writing on his blog:

“Andrew Lewis ought not to have been let off so lightly; bike crime is a serious problem in Cambridge and the police need to tackle it robustly…letting someone off without any action, not even a fine for no lights, seems incredible, especially for a target driven police force.”

In January, The Cambridge Student (TCS) reported new police figures which showed Sidney Street to be the worst place in Cambridge for bike crime. Mill Road, Trinity Street and Hills Road were also highlighted as problem areas.

Pete Jefferys – Deputy News Editor