‘Boycott Gardies’ campaign ‘paused’ as owner yields to demands

Sam Rhodes 23 March 2015

The ‘Boycott Gardies’ campaign started yesterday has been paused while the owner of the Gardenia investigates the claims. The campaign, which began yesterday and gained over 1000 ‘likes’ in less than 24 hours, started after an anonymous post on the Fly. blog alleged sexual assault from a member of Gardies staff.

The owner, Vas Anastasiou, told The Cambridge Student, that “we have launched investigations with the police for that matter 10 days ago… Person which is responsible has been suspended temporarily from duties and he is not allowed to come in contact with customers.”

He also stressed that CCTV cameras, the installation of which the campaign demanded, were already in place “at all floors and all areas”.

However, this is in contrast with comments Anastasiou made yesterday, telling Varsity that he was “not aware of any allegations” and posting on the campaign page “that nobody of this people have approached me or have send me an email and no one had ever complained to me with that matter”.

The ‘Boycott Gardies’ page responded to the move with a statement welcoming the progress made so far. "We are incredibly pleased that Gardies appears to have listened to the empire as response to our campaign. We have shared 30+ testimonials with Gardies for them to identify themes and work out some solutions.

"As has been posted, we as a campaign are happy to put our faith in the owner of Gardies for the time being. We will monitor his progress and wish him well in sorting this out."