BREAKING: Cambridge students vote to stay affiliated with the NUS

Lili Bidwell 27 May 2016

The results of the NUS disaffiliation referendum have been announced.  The University of Cambridge is to remain part of the NUS, after a referendum following of the controversy surrounding the recently elected president Malia Bouattia who has allegedly been anti-semitic.

The results were close, with 46.62% voting to leave and 51.52% voting to stay, with a futher 1.86% abstaining. These provisional results were announced at 4pm today. 

6178 votes were cast in total. With 'No' winning by a margin of 4.9%.  

The results were predicted to be very close according to polls on voting intentions, with a predicted 45.8% choosing disaffiliation, against 41% wanting to stay affiliated. The polls also showed that men were more likely to vote ‘yes’ and women ‘no’.

Cambridge students have had since midnight on Tuesday to vote in an online referendum as to whether or not they wish to remain part of the NUS. The leave campaign was led by Jack May, and English student at Gonville and Caius college, he described the leadership as sending “a horrifying message” to Jewish students in the university.

This choice reflect that made by Exeter and Warwick Universities who have also voted to stay in, whilst Lincoln, Hull and Newcastle have voted to dissafiliate.

It seems that students have elected to remain a part of the union with the intention of influencing it and staying united with other students in order to fight against the anti-semitism. CUSU President Priscilla Mensah had previsouly spoken of her support for remaining affiliated, she said that the “NUS has a lot of work to do, and Cambridge students need to be part of that, I have seen NUS up close this year, and I do believe Cambridge students have something unique to offer NUS to ensure it becomes the inclusive, anti-racist organisation all students deserve.”

It remains to be seen how other universities will vote on the issue nationwide, Oxford will be holding their referendum next week