English Defence League supporters hijack Charlie Gilmour support page on Facebook

Eleanor Dickinson 6 August 2011

Supporters of the English Defence League (EDL) have hijacked a Facebook group page, set up to support the recently imprisoned Cambridge University student, Charlie Gilmour.

Users with links to the EDL displayed on their profiles have bombarded the “Free Charlie Gilmour” page with inflammatory comments against Gilmour since early this morning. Gilmour was imprisoned for 16 months after he pleaded guilty to Violent Disorder during riots following the student fees demonstrations in central London last year.

During the riots, Gilmour was photographed hanging from a flag on the Cenotaph, further reported incidents included throwing a bin at a car carrying Prince Charles and smashing a window.

A user with an EDL profile picture, Tony Cfc Fairman, called for Gilmour to be “hanged” while another, Neil MacDiarmid commented: “That little mummies boy needs to show respect for the fallen. How dare he or anyone show such disregard for others feelings. They laid their lives down so that twats like him could be free from tyranny.”

Amongst the more chilling comments are from Facebook user ‘Enoch Mace Powell’s’ “i hope he gets arse raped in there the little c**t” and Joe Davies’ “fuck him, spoilt bastard deserved a longer sentence i hope he gets aids whilst in the nick.”

A user calling himself ‘English Bert’ has since declared “we are the new owners of this page, well done patriots”.

The creator of the Facebook group, speaking exclusively to The Cambridge Student, commented: “I set up the group so that there would be a place for people to show their support for Charlie, and so that when he gets out, he would see that not everyone felt he deserved such a harsh sentence. I knew that there would be some trouble with ‘trolls’ so I was reporting any threatening comments and removing members who were clearly mis-using the page and just posting personal abuse.

“After a while the hateful messages cleared up, and people (even those who disagreed with us) were able to use it for peaceful and positive discussion. I regret that hadn’t been keeping such a close eye on things these last couple of days and I am shocked it has become overrun by so much hate so quickly. Charlie did wrong but he certainly doesn’t deserve the sort of things people are saying.”

Upon further investigation, the EDL’s Kingston-Upon-Thames Division were recently encouraging their Facebook members to focus their attention on the Gilmour group, by posting a link on their wall to the “Free Charlie Gilmour” page with the instruction ” Get on this people”.

As recently as 23 July 2011, the English Defence League found its own facebook group targetted by what the official EDL website then described as “cyber criminals” the website went on to describe the targeting of their own Facebook page as a “malicious attack and attempt to silence the voices of nearly 100,000 patriots”.

Offensive comments continue to be posted on the original “Free Charlie Gilmour” Facebook group, however a new group was evidently created today called ‘Let charlie rot the little shit’. It has currently 47 members and the latest reported comment from user, Chris Bacon reads “Ah this is more like it… serves the little prick right, i hope he gets bum fucked by all the inmates!”..

Eleanor Dickinson