BREAKING NEWS: Protests at Andrew Wheeler Union Talk

Molly Bolding 1 May 2019
Image Credit: Pexels

Protests have broken out at the Cambridge Union where Andrew Wheeler, Head of the US Environmental Protection Agency, is speaking as part an event exploring his role in US climate policy.

According to a TCS writer on the scene, a large Extinction Rebellion activists wearing suits and holding a banner reading “Coal Kills” stood up in the Chamber while Mr Wheeler was speaking, who had painted their hands red to symbolise the environmental crimes they see as his responsibility during his time in office. They were peacefully removed from the Chamber by security personnel.

Image Credit: Annabelle Goldsmith

Since being removed from the Chamber, there has been ongoing drumming and chanting outside the building in an attempt to disrupt the remainder of the event. The chants, of “Coal Kills” and “Blood On His Hands” among other things, are attacking Mr Wheeler’s policy of cutting US government involvement in renewable energy and his role in the resurgence and reliance on coal and oil energy production. Protestors have blocked all the exits as Mr Wheeler is attempting to leave. Police are reportedly arriving at the scene.

Image Credit: Annabelle Goldsmith